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How it’s Like to Volunteer in Goa? Unusual 30 Days!

This post was recently updated on June 14th, 2021

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It was the first time I was visiting Goa, and alongside got an opportunity to Volunteer in Goa.

How Exciting is that!

To get a Volunteer opportunity was a job itself, where numerous messages have been sent, phone calls took place & a lot of other things occurred before a final thumbs-up 👍 was given to proceed. 

I will be sharing my complete experience of Volunteering in Goa with you in the article, so keep scanning.

But Before getting an opportunity – 

I was seeking several ways where I would get a chance to explore Goa for a long time because, honestly speaking, till then, I haven’t seen a beach & fascinated to see plus explore Goa.

Yeah, you’re right. Films had created a fascination towards Goa!

You have to admit that the First timer to Goa shows a wonder to explore.

If you haven’t been to Goa yet, then you must be having the curiosity, right!

But, if you didn’t understand what’s Volunteering? I had tried to sum up my thoughts in the most simplistic form for you.

What is Volunteering?

Volunteering is like being a helping hand to others.

The benefit provided in exchange could be like a barter system, where you will be given something in exchange for Volunteering. 

It’s not always a barter system in Volunteering. But, it depends upon organization to organization. 

So, there are different types of Volunteering

In paid Volunteering, you will be getting paid in exchange for your Volunteer work.

How to Get Started for Volunteering Work?

How to Get Started for Volunteering Work?

There’s as such no guided pathway to walk on the Volunteering route, but the first thing you can do is recognize your skills & interest.

Discussed below are the points I think are necessary to get involved in the Volunteering work.

1. Identify Your Skills & Interest

You’ll acknowledge that individuals have the power of the skill that will keep on improving when worked upon consistently.

For e.x I love to capture and show my perspective. On the other hand, I can create a combination of visual and written storytelling & can present it in the form of articles, like the one you are reading right now.

So, I believe the very first thing even before researching for Volunteering options, you’ll need to identify what you can provide in exchange so that the Volunteer work falls on your behalf.

Do not identify skills only for the Volunteering purpose. Instead, the aim should be pointed towards growth in life with your skills.

2. Research for the Organization that accepts Volunteer’s

Furthermore, when you have identified your skills & interest.

Look for the Volunteering work that suits your skills. 

The Best way is always to search on Google.

Do not bother if you haven’t found the Volunteering work instantly that suits your skills and needs.

Keep trying!

Suppose you want to Volunteer in a travel field, and in that case, there is no way better than looking upon tourism boards and travel brands.

Always keep an eye on social media, particularly the new brands. To be more precise new investments like if someone had just started their hostel, etc. Essentially, the new investments require a helping hand seriously than others.

In my case, I got to know about the Volunteering in Goa opportunity from social media instead.

The Websites like Worldpackers are an example to bring diverse Volunteering opportunities beneath one shelter.

3.  Read the Volunteering Responsibilities and Get Started

Once you find a suitable organization that fits your needs and skills.

Then, look no other way and get started.

Read the responsibilities and deliverables of the Volunteering work, send them a mail. If you want more help, get in touch with them, have a call scheduled.

Get crystal clarity of what exactly is required from your end. Proceed with no confusion moving ahead.

This is how I believe one should be approaching if you’re looking to Volunteer in Goa or Volunteer overall.

Did you spot any particular words I have mentioned in all the above three-pointers?


Skills and Interest, Deciding things in life.

Everyone must be having their own lines on Volunteering, and I believe that I was able to explain my thoughts here.

Coming back to my experience,

How I Got an Opportunity to Volunteer in Goa?

How I Got an Opportunity to Volunteer in Goa

Likewise, I mentioned at the starting that I was researching online to get Volunteering work in Goa.

One day, I thought to look upon various hostel’s & cafes social media pages that operate in Goa.

I sent a couple of messages about whether they are accepting any Volunteers in Goa.

Although some of them haven’t responded even till now. HAHA, keeping aside!

While searching, I saw a page where a hostel is looking for someone to Volunteer in Goa. Within an hour, I sent them a mail that I wanted to join as a Volunteer.

One Pro Tip

The demand for Volunteers in Goa increases near the New Year period. So, if you are looking to Volunteer in Goa, then it would be a good opportunity for you.

They reverted me in few days with a question –

What can you provide us in exchange for a free stay and food for 30 days?

Without much thinking, I promptly responded that I can click photographs and write a travel-related article. Further, I can interact with the visitors and can help if anything is needed alongside.

They agreed!

I received a call with the list of deliverables that needed to be provided during the 30 days stay.

Deliverables Needed During Volunteering in Goa

The deliverables that I was asked to provide are as follows –

S.No.List of Deliverables Needed
1Give good quality and high resolution 5 pictures daily.
2Give good quality and high resolution 1 Video daily.
3Creating Atmosphere and guest interaction continuously.
4Help at Reception whenever needed.
5Help on a case basis.

Let me tell you that pictures and videos could be of anything.

It means I can explore Goa and click the photos and videos alongside provide them what was required at the end of the day. The main focus among the deliverables was on the pictures and videos to be sent daily.

Although making polished videos is not my forte, short clips are required to be submitted.

I consider Volunteering as an excellent way to strengthen your skills more regularly.

Arrival in Goa

Upon arrival, the very first place I visited is the beach, and that was Mandrem Beach. 

Recollect, I stated earlier in the article that I haven’t seen a beach so, the curiosity took me there as quickly as I arrived.

In no time, the Volunteering in Goa started. This was the Solo trip to Goa, and I would be spending 1 month.

I was required to travel within Goa for pictures and videos. Therefore, I did research on the most suitable options feasible to commute around in Goa.

Tourist Riding on a Two Wheeler in Goa

Upon researching from various places,

The expense of renting a scooter was Rs.300-Rs.350 per day everywhere. It was a peak season because it was the month of New Year’s. So, I didn’t think of renting a scooter because I felt it would cost extremely high while living in Goa for 30 days.

Alternatively, I fancy walking to the nearby places and use Goa local buses for distant travel or hitchhiking if someone allows. It had eventually cut the cost of exploring Goa. At the same time, the stay and food are upon them. 

You would not believe it! Few days, I end up walking about 15-20km. Those days I was unfortunate to get the lift from the people, and there was no clue of buses inside the streets of Goa.

This way, I used to explore and Volunteer in Goa for 30 days and got to see many places during the visit.

Those 30 days were unusual because it’s a one-time shot that may not come back.

Nonetheless, I don’t use to go out every day to explore and capture images. But, I try to walk out towards the evening on the beach to watch the sunset.

Some of the images I had captured while exploring Goa –

  • Field in Goa - Sunlight Perspective
  • Egret in Frame- Captured during Volunteering in Goa
  • Monkey near the Dudhsagar Waterfalls
  • An Evening Walk in Goa

And you can further go on my Instagram to see more of the shots I had captured in Goa.

Aside from Exploring and Taking Pictures as a Volunteer in Goa

The Volunteering in Goa responsibility also included interacting with the hostel guest.

I am not good at interacting with strangers till then. Confidently, a lot has been improved!

However, I took it as an added opportunity to learn and make myself more confident in talking to strangers.

Days passed, and some of the guest visitors became buddies.

Allow me to tell you something –

A Funny Incident with one of the Hostel Guest

One of the hostel guests arrived to attend the Sunburn festival. At the end of the day, we use to sit and discuss the happenings in life.

On the very next day, when the Sunburn gets over, the hostel guest has a flight to catch.

We were all sleeping, and he returned at approximately 3:00 a.m from Sunburn, and his flight was 10a.m. While he slept after setting the alarm.

Guess what!

The guy woke up at around 8’sh, and it was impracticable to reach the Belgaum airport that requires almost 3-4hrs from Goa.

We sat and discussed the other ways. Lastly, end up deciding that bus in the evening would be a likely possibility in this case.

This time, I dropped him in his hired scooter at the Panjim bus stand about 1hr before the bus departure time to remain on the safer side.

The purpose behind telling this was, I was Volunteering in Goa not only for exploring the places just for the sake of Volunteering. But also about creating lifetime memories & learnings coming throughout.

I still have his number and laugh upon remembering that day!

That’s it from Volunteering in Goa.

Let me know by heart if I was able to create curiosity in you to try Volunteering at least once?

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