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I always plan to stay in Homestays where I could get to know more about that town.

Consequently, I searched on Airbnb Firstly, though, I saw a stay at an excellent price, but I took pro-long time to make a decision, and it got booked.

Then, I visited the Booking.com site, and my intention remained to book spontaneously.

I spotted Lhachik Guest House and compared it with a few others. Ultimately, I was satisfied with the decision, and I booked that.

A day before, I got a call from Lhachik Guest House to confirm my presence the following Day—undoubtedly, Yes!

Delhi to Leh Flight

My flight from Delhi was scheduled at 4:05 a.m, everything went perfectly, and the plane was hardly 20-25 mins away from landing at Leh before this happened.

The Aircraft Pilot informed the passengers that we needed to return to Delhi due to bad weather and ultimately less fuel to hover in the air.

Concerning that, I have formed a Blog Post to educate further. 

Earlier, I expected to reach Leh at 5:30 a.m.

Eventually, the foremost thing I did after reaching Delhi was called the Lhachik Guest House, and I expressed the situation. 

Then, I shared the expected time for Delhi to Leh flight. Finally, after landing in Leh at around 9:00a.m, I received a call for the pickup.

Honestly, it took a lot of time for the luggage to arrive, and the pickup person called twice to know my position.

When the luggage arrived, I moved out of the airport. Hence, I saw the person carrying a plaque card with my name.

Arrival at the Guest House

I was confident that the car was moving toward Lhachik Guest House.

In about 20 minutes, the car stopped, and I didn’t notice what was written outside the house as I was confident that it must be Lhachik Guest House. The owner was standing and greeted us inside the home.

As we settled in the room, I took a tour of the house and realized it was a different location. 

Though the owner confirmed that:

The Lhachik Guest House you booked is elsewhere, we have shifted you here because it’s nearer to the market, and the foreigners prefer the Lhachik guest house. In comparison, Indians prefer Jig Gyas Guest House according to his experience.

Jig gyas Guest House in Leh

Jig Gyas guest house in Leh

I have reserved the first 3 days in Leh at Jig Gyas Guest House and also for the last Day of my Ladakh journey.

The first 3 days include 48hrs in Leh and then the 3rd Day Leh to Pangong to Leh.

Jig Gyas Guest House is near the Leh primary market and mall road. Mainly, 10-15 mins of walk away. All significant restaurants, eateries & shopping places are there only.

The house is well built, and the room I got was spacious. Moreover, the house provides a suitable parking space as we require to park our rented bike inside the house.

The house’s garden was fantastic, with a sitting area and beautiful accompanying flowers.

But, the room doesn’t have a fan, which I feel isn’t a shortcoming. Indeed, the Ladakh climate remains pleasant; I went to Ladakh in August, especially around that month. And in winters, you must be aware, undoubtedly, of sheer cold.

The owner of the Guest House and the families living there are welcoming and soft-spoken.

Food Option

The guest house has a kitchen, and the family who lives there manages that.

If you need food for your Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, you need to tell them in advance as it takes time & only one Aunty cooks food in the Kitchen. Evermore, the Aunty is heartwarming, with lovely food and behavior.

The family is from Nepal, so they don’t know enough about Ladakhi food. But you”ll get delicious food overall like Sabzi & Chapati.

When we were leaving from Leh to Turtuk, we requested the family that we want to drop off our luggage. So, they instantly agreed on it.

My experience at the Jig Gyas Homestay in Leh was very indeed satisfactory.

Guidance on Visiting Places in Leh Ladakh

We shared our itinerary for Leh Ladakh with the owner.

He suggested we not do Leh to Pangong to Leh on the same Day. But, we have our stay booked in Leh already and found that staying in Pangong would be costly.

So, ultimately, we have to remain stuck to our decision, and indeed, after I realized that you shouldn’t be doing Leh to Pangong to Leh on the same Day. But, majorly, it affected my health after the drizzle.

Summing -Up

I genuinely believe that living and exploring like a local is a mesmerizing experience whenever you’re visiting a place.

So, have you experienced living with a local family in traveling to other places?

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