The Day After Holi at Dauji Temple
Holi at Dauji Temple,  Mathura

Huranga Holi – The Day After Holi at Dauji Temple

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Whenever we think about celebrating Holi anywhere on planet earth, the very first place which knocks our mind is Mathura Holi.


This Holi, I got an opportunity to be a part of the Huranga Holi at Dauji temple near Mathura.

Stay connected to experience madness, craziness & hopefully you will be there the next Holi.

Similar to the Goa WhatsApp group you would have been part of the Holi group too, mostly going to Mathura & Vrindavan.

The question is –

Q.How was your Holi experience?

Q.Did you leave the WhatsApp group after Holi?

Keeping humor aside?

A little bit about Huranga Holi

A little bit about Huranga Holi

The Huranga Holi is played between the brother-in-law & sister-in-law, in other words; Bhabhi & Devar inside the Dauji temple. This is the last Holi event in Mathura or you can also say Holi after the Holi event.

But that doesn’t mean if you came to play Huranga Holi and don’t have Bhabhi Devar relations i.e. no escape. The colors will be spread all over, floors will be full of water, men’s clothes will be torn. The madness can be seen through the eyes and felt by actions.

Where is Dauji Temple located?

Large gathering at Dauji Temple, Badeo

Shri Dauji Maharaj temple is located at Baldeo town in Uttar Pradesh. The Dauji temple is present at a distance of 21km from Mathura and around 190km from Delhi via Yamuna expressway.

You need to park your vehicle outside in an open area much before the temple because Holi-day is a special occasion and seeing a large crowd is a normal thing.

The distance of walk from the parking area till the Dauji Temple will be somewhere under 1 km.

The Dauji Mandir is not a huge temple & at the time of Holi, there’s no space to even walk inside the premises. The streets which lead to the temple will be filled with celebrations and decorations all around.

How to reach the Dauji Temple Premises to play Huranga Holi?

Dauji Temple at the time of Huranga Holi

If you are coming from Delhi which is roughly 3-4 hrs of driving distance away.  You can take the below options –

Leaving very early from Delhi

Staying for a day at around the Baldeo town

Let’s dive deep in details –

  • Leaving early from Delhi to Dauji temple

    The Huranga Holi at Dauji temple was celebrated between 11:00 a.m. – 1 p.m where you can see the use of colors and madness all around. It’s advised that you reach early at the event to see the other activities taking place before Holi.

  • Staying near Dauji temple before the Holi

    There are hotel options available in the Baldeo area where you can stay before the Holi night to avoid very early waking up for the event.

Try to reach as early as possible because the temple will be filled in a blink of an eye. You can either go to the first floor of the temple to watch all the actions.

If you feel comfortable then you can join others which will be playing Holi freely on the ground level.

Timings of Holi at Dauji Mandir

Celebrations at the Dauji Temple

Mathura Holi is known for its culture & tradition and Dauji Holi is a perfect example of this. The timings of Huranga Holi varies between 11 a.m – 1 p.m.

I Insist you arrive much before the official playing time to witness the Pre-Holi Pooja & celebrations after that.

In large gatherings, local & foreign tourists arrive much before to seal their spots and to enjoy a top view of Huranga Holi.

How to Prepare yourself for the Huranga Holi

Preparation is an essential step before playing Huranga Holi. Listed below are some points which you need to prepare yourself; before jumping into action –

1. Be Mentally Strong

Be Mentally Strong during Huranga Holi

Whether we talk about sports or any activity, becoming mentally strong is an important factor. Since Huranga Holi is an Intense event i.e. you should keep yourself prepared that people will be going to notice you for a long. It’s quite easily understood that you are not from that particular background and might look different from the majority. In terms of clothes, behavior, and other such factors.

2.Dress Appropriately

Celebrations at the Temple

Dauji Temple is a mandir and before going to the mandir we dress appropriately, Right? Fully covered clothes, shoes outside, or in our hands are the steps we all follow & the same you should follow at the Holi event.

Nobody as far as I would say will be going to pinpoint you related to clothes but it comes from inner-self that will be going to depict our mentality and respect.

3.Arrive Early

Arrive Early to witness the Pooja

If you want to enjoy the Huranga Holi event from the aerial view, that is from the first floor of the temple then you need to arrive early rather at last you will be left with the action ground itself.

4. Get involved in the madness

Get involved in the mad celebrations

During the peak hour of the playing Holi at the Dauji Temple, everybody will be seen lost in the present vibes. If a woman tries to tear your clothes don’t be offended and take it in the right spirit. After all, your motive for coming to Huranga Holi was to see the culture of the people of Baldeo and to enjoy the Holi.

5.Photographers – Be careful

If you are a photographer then take complete care of your camera, even more, than you sometimes.

Because if your clothes get torn it can be stitched or bought new but if even a single droplet of water or even a slight color goes inside the sensor then the cost of getting the camera in a proper working condition will going to be a higher side. People will try to throw colors & waters at your camera so that you can enjoy it freely.

#Keep your camera safe.

6. Carry an extra pair of clothes separately

Carry extra pair of clothes

An extra pair will definitely be going to help to make you look in an acceptable manner.

Imagine one hand of your cloth is torn & the other is fully colored, then what sort of personality it will be going to create in a city like Delhi will be on another level.

Try to avoid eating or drinking anything during the Holi event – You got me right! On the roads with no control over the mind and stopping every car? (Bhang effect). Can you imagine this scene from a movie, don’t imagine this can turn into reality if you haven’t said “No”.

I hope that you don’t want to be in this situation because a lot will be going to offer you as a prasad especially to foreign women, i.e. be safe.

Enjoy the Huranga Holi at Dauji Temple

Enjoy the Huranga Holi

Holi comes once a year and the eagerness can be seen in the celebrations not only in Mathura but all over India.

The day at Dauji temple will be going to start with morning pooja followed by Holi playing. You can try Mathura’s famous Gujia as the day proceeds towards the end.

Let me know your Huranga Holi experience in the comments? If you are someone who has heard it for the first time, I hope that this article has insisted you to celebrate next Holi at Dauji temple.

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Until then, keep traveling & exploring.

See you on the roads.

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