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by Vansh Tiwari

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I, along with additional photography companions, went to capture the much-awaited — Mathura Huranga Holi.

Huranga Holi happens in the Dauji Temple of Baldeo Town near Mathura — Interestingly, it gets played the next day after Holi!

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The week-long Mathura's Spectacular Holi event finishes with Dauji ka Huranga Holi.

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When the Holi begins, the temple gates get closed, and you can leave the mandir after the Holi ends.

The Huranga Holi is an Energetic event; hence, you have to remain mentally prepared for any push back. 

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Before the actual Holi play begins, the pre-Holi puja and the surrounding events will surely grab your attention.

The innocent Holi faces! While the fellow was taking a selfie, the individual looked at me, and then I shot with the unique perspective.

People dancing wholeheartedly; keeping a constant smile on their faces will make the Huranga Holi an extraordinary experience.

I was fascinated with the Holi Portraits, so I spotted an Individual and gently fulfilled my desire for a Multicolored Portrait.

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Women will rip the men's clothes; truthfully, that's my photography buddy whose clothes are getting pulled!!

I got in an uncomfortable standing, but that unique viewpoint was exceptionally multicolored for a snap.

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A highlighting point about photoing Holi: Genuine emotions and cheerful individuals remain lost in their colorful world.

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If you want to watch as a spectator, you can sit upstairs. But, it would benefit if you arrived early to seal your spot.

Furthermore, you can read about Huranga Holi in detail on my blog.

Huranga Holi