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Bir is the Place For You, Top Reasons Why

Bir is the Hidden gem of Himachal Pradesh which has gained popularity in the last few years. It is almost in the distance of 65kms from Dharamshala and about 30 km from Palampur. It is an extremely beautiful place covered with Greenery and Mountains for a perfect destination. Bir is a small Village and is also known as Paragliding capital of India.

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My personal experience is, I went to Bir about a few years back and the memories are still present in the mind because it is a place of peace and away from the city noise. Just you and the peaceful surroundings.

Let’s begin with the Top Reasons Why Bir –

    1. Trekking

  • Adventure lovers will surely do not like to miss this trekking in Bir. It takes you from between the villages, Waterfalls, Mountains and that’s really a perfect combination for Trekking.
  • The trek starts from Bir which is at the height of 5003ft and ends up in Billing which is at the height of 8000ft.
  • It’s not a difficult trek but it has many points where your heart starts beating more because of its breathtaking beauty.


  • If you went to Bir and you haven’t done camping at Billing, then all your trekking efforts will have gone waste.
  • I mean seeing the Sunrise and Sunset at Billing is just Awesome, with a cup of tea just enjoy the natures paradise.

Bir Billing Paragliding

    3. Paragliding

  • All we want in our life is Adventure and What’s better than Paragliding at Asia’s Highest paragliding point and the second best in the world.
  • Paragliding world cup also held at Billing.
  • There will be the trained paragliders who are doing this from the past many years, they will guide you and be with you.
  • This will be an unforgettable adventure you will ever come across.

    4.Nature Lovers

  • Let’s admit, Nature lovers always finds a place to admire the iconic beauty.
  • When at this place you will feel like pausing the time for a while and admire nature, the snow-capped mountains.

    5. See Around

  • When we go somewhere, we want to capture all the things. Don’t forget to see Bir Bazar and Bir Tea factory.
  • You can taste some local Tibetans food.

    If you are going from Delhi

New Delhi – Karnal – Kangra – Palampur – Bir    ( Approx. -536kms)

   Some Popular Destinations near –

  1. Dharamshala ( 68 km)
  2. Mandi ( 86 km)
  3. Kullu ( 137 km)

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