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Top 10 things to do this time in Rishikesh

I have already shared my experience in Rishikesh if you have not read you can read here about that.
The White River Rafting is everyone’s priority who comes here. Hence, you still have many things to do here apart from rafting.
The below list has some points which are dangerous in the months of monsoon. Not Advisable.
Let’s find out what more can be done in this city.

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Top 10 things to do this time in Rishikesh –

  1. Bungee jumping
    Are u daring enough? It’s just the matter of split seconds. Similarly, Bungee Jumping is also a major attraction in Rishikesh. Likewise, most of us at least want to do something like an unforgettable adventure.
  2. MassageSounds Relaxing, and it is definitely. People come here to enjoy the weather, relax, meditate. And that to Ayurvedic Massage. A complete mind and body relaxation are very effective.
  3. Rock Climbing
    Some out of the box adventure, where you don’t find much of Rock climbing in other cities. Grab this opportunity and climb the mountain. There are trained professionals who will properly guide you.
  4. Yoga and Meditation
    This one is most of the people’s favorite thing to do here, after River Rafting. Above all everyone loves peace, meditation, exercise and especially early morning is just so refreshing.
  5. Trekking
    Trekking has become the best thing to explore in cities and find hidden gems. It always gives satisfaction when we reach our destination and that’s how trek love begins.
  6. Camping
    Setting the camps along the riverside, with that beautiful scenery and windy breeze, at night lay back and count on stars in the dream come true like a moment for everyone. Yes, it is and with a bonfire that makes it more memorable.
  7. Cafes
    Visiting cafes in Rishikesh, it offers a variety of mouthwatering and delicious dishes. The cafes there have their own charm.
  8. Ganga Aarti
    How can we forget Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghats, getting to see Hindu culture and customs. It probably starts at around 6 p.m. – 7.p.m.
  9. Beatles Ashram
    Photography lovers out there. The Graffiti on the wall make you click a picture with them. Spend some time in the peace, do meditation. Read about entry fees, timings etc here.
  10. Shopping
    Probably the most important attraction to any city is shopping. We want to take something from that city like any clothes or some decoration stuff which we will keep for our memorable memory from that city. Isn’t it.

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