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Udaipur White City

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Grab Your Camera and Let's Move

Grab Your Camera and Let's Move

Day - 1

Gangaur Ghat

If you are a big fan of early daytime explorations, then Gangaur Ghat is your place.

Undoubtedly, it can also become your hello mornings and goodbye sunset location!

If photography is your primary interest, you will stay longer at the Gangaur Ghat for the Gorgeous Pichola lake scenery.

" I Visited Gangaur Ghat multiple times in 2 days; mainly, it became the highlight of my  Udaipur visit "

Consider Viewing Morning Reflections

The morning reflections of the establishments are engaging. Indeed, push yourself to see around with a unique perspective.

View White City from Top

There are elevated locations where you can satisfy your desire to see the city in white – Consider visiting Karni Mata Temple.

Ditto, Take Your Camera and Let's Go

Ditto, Take Your Camera and Let's Go

Day - 2

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Bahubali Hills

You will be glad to know you can see this exquisite view from Bahubali hills, and Badi Lake in Udaipur stands next to it!

" Avoid exposing yourself to the heated sun; early mornings and late evenings will remain suitable for exploring Bahubali Hills "

There's also a green side to Udaipur; consider going on the way towards Monsoon Palace; ultimately, visit Monsoon Palace.

Consider Viewing Greenery

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