Rani Sui Lake Trek


Vansh Tiwari

Freezing Winters

Before you begin...

Ensure to check all the necessary items before you leave. Hence, I prepared a checklist of winter essentials from my knowledge.

Trek Leaders



That's Me



Let's Begin

Let's Begin

Day - 1

The day starts with a car drive from Manali to Nayalag.

Moving further, the trek straightly takes you passing through the thickets trees.

The goal is to reach the base campsite on the first day. Also, the trekking time would be less, approx. 3-4 hours, but it would be good preparation for the next day —notably, Acclimatization.


Considerably, a more extended trekking day, 7-8hrs approx.

You would aim to reach Rani Sui Lake and arrive back at the campsite. Therefore, starting just after sunrise would be suitable.

Day - 2


We couldn't make it to Rani Sui Lake because it's begun snowing; thus, we missed to reach by an hour.

Sooner, decided to about-turn back.

The return become more satisfying because of the snow spells that made everything white.

" "  Meanwhile, I saw my first snowfall

On the way to Campsite



In winter, on the snow and especially during the snowfall, the trek would become challenging. But, I can visualize walking on the green fields in the summer, that would be straightforward comfy.

Day - 3

The day to descend.

However, descending is more straightforward than ascending, but it becomes problematic when walking on the snow.


Hilarious, I kept counting how many times we all slipped while descending. Haha! The total was around 15-20 times.

Ultimately, we reached our pick-up point. I consider myself fortunate, as I saw two different surroundings: no snow when ascending and entire white when descending.

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