How to Use Photos to Your Advantage?

by Vansh Tiwari

Daily Shot Contest

Each month Nat Geo comes up with a contest theme on their website. Anyone can submit the details and send their shots for a chance to get featured.

Online Competitions

Reading blogs like Digital Camera world, 500px will help you find the online photography competitions happening around.

Submission on Shutterstock

You can submit your images on Shutterstock. It's a platform where buyers can purchase your captured photographs.

Enhance Editing Skills

It would be best to enhance your skills therefore, improve photo editing. Furthermore, you can download any free editor and start practicing.

You can print out your captured pictures and make a travel scrapbook concerning that. Even wall scenery would be an excellent vision.

Travel Scrap Book

Instagram Contest

Frequently brands come up with photo contests to keep their audience engaging and talking. So, there always remained a viewpoint to see Instagram as an opportunity.

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