Jodhpur Blue City

Jodhpur Blue City

by Vansh Tiwari

Mandore Garden

I especially went there to see the sunset; however, I saw more additional. To Highlight: there remains folk melodies being composed by the individuals of Rajasthan. You would love that!

There exists certain lanes that are entirely blue; not every.  That's the reason I express, it's more than blue.

Blue City walk

Kaylana Lake

Precisely, I visited most of the places during Sunset. So, you can consider Kaylana lake among the pleasing to view sunset in Jodhpur.

Pachetiya Hills

It would be a combined benefit of a Blue city walk ending on Pachetiya hills. From there, every establishment would look the exact because of the color.

Rao Jodha Desert Park

That place not only deserves an eye during sundown but a complete day. Furthermore, a map at entrance would help you decide where to go.

Street Photography

Undoubtedly, the streets are exquisite. Moreover, combining colors, characters, and simplicity would bring your heart in shots.

Spotting Multi-Color Doors

Colors will unquestionably remain the appealing factor on your exploration.

48hrs in Jodhpur

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Sunset Points in Jodhpur