Bahubali Hills Udaipur

By Vansh Tiwari

Present roughly 15 km away from Udaipur city, Bahubali Hills overlooking Badi Lake provides a jaw-dropping scenery.

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On a hot afternoon, my friend and I stood to visit Badi Lake; little did I know that Bahubali Hills is next-door to Badi Lake.

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Instead, go in the early Morning

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You will need to walk a few minutes to reach Bahubali Hills, so carry a light bag for ease of walking.

There's also an entry fee for the Bahubali Hills, which remains Rs. 10 per person. Besides, you must wear shoes, as the path is rugged.

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The gigantic Mountains and the enchanting Lake Views are as far as you can see from the Bahubali Hilltop.

Meanwhile, the accompanying mate remained busy taking selfies, whereas I Awe those Jaw-dropping landscapes.

In your Udaipur journey, visiting Bahubali Hills will remain the out-of-the-box place. Indeed, it would live up to your scenery expectation.

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Undoubtedly, the most enjoyable thing you can do to be there longer — is to create and capture the moments.

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