5 Terrific Ways to Save for Weekend Trips

5 Terrific Ways to Save for Your Weekend Trips

The most difficult part about traveling is saving for your next trip/ weekend trip.

Majority of us ends up spending more than the expected amount and that leads to imbalance of what could have been done within that much amount only.

I also try these ways to save for weekend trips and it works really well for me.


5 Terrific Ways to Save for Your Weekend Trips

1. Go Homemade

Go Homemade

Saving starts from home.

Most of the amount spent is on food and clothes. Then why, we are not willing to take the extra effort of making the homemade food and what else will happen if we had not bought a new cloth say for a month.


If you want to save for weekend trips there some sought of sacrifice requires from your side and that will be worth it.

Trust me.

People says it’s just the matter of 5$-10$. But, my friend that 5$-10$ will really make a difference here to decide whether the expenses are going to be under limits or over budget.

Going homemade is the super effort and you will really feel better at the end of the day when you see that you had saved a lot.

These are some of the products you can make at home to save money.

2. Collect separately for travels

Travel Piggy Bank

Yes, this works.

It’s more like a piggy bank kind a thing but you will be surprised with the results if you plan properly.

Every penny counts here, and will make everything under control.

Start collecting every penny you save while buying groceries, money saved from bus travel or other expenses.

Make a separate cupboard for Travel, and start putting the money saved from other expenses there.

At the end of every week you will see a reasonable amount of money collected and that’s where the further planning begins.

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3. Make a list

make a list

Make a list of your spending.

Try to reduce a few dollars and it will ultimately added to the travel plans.

For Ex-

  1. If you are spending 7$-8$ on food = Make it to 4$-5%.
  2. Likewise, 20$-25$on clothes – Make it to less than 15$.


Then, add the saved money into your travel list and jot down what extra things can be done with this amount.

If old fashioned list is prepared in an interesting way it will definitely add value.

These small things can take your travel to the next level.

4. App usage

app usage

Use apps which gives cashback.

It’s not that much of a relief but as I told before every penny matter.

For ex- when you go to a restaurant pay using Paytm etc. you will get a certain amount of cashback that you can use for another use.

These apps help to utilize the money effectively and you can smartly plan your travel.

Now, almost anything can be done over internet and you can also book your weekend trips at low cost.

Say, the travel companies charge low for a group of 5-6 members as compared to the 1-2 members. You might have noticed this many time.

5. Pre-Plan

One of the best and effective is to go pre planned to save for weekend trips.

All the things automatically fall into a perfect place if you go pre planned.

Most of the people don’t consider this but it is the best to consider at a first place.

Pre Plan – Look for alternatives – Execute the plan – Control the Actions.


These are the steps which will work like a pro if complete focus is on a particular thing in this case it’s a weekend travel.

Hope you liked my writing , follow me for the interesting updates.


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20 thoughts on “5 Terrific Ways to Save for Weekend Trips

  1. Definitely agree that it is the little bits of money spent that adds up, I’m making an effort to not spend so much on the little things such as buying a snack whilst I’m out and instead taking my own. Great post 🙂

    – Charlotte /

  2. I love the idea of setting aside money separately for travel. Budgeting is everything. A little bit here and there always adds up in the end!

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